Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery

Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery by Matt Butcher I've just received a review copy from Packt Publishing of Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery by Matt Butcher. The book looks like it will present a solid overview of how JavaScript and jQuery are used in Drupal, along with how custom code can tie into it. This is an area of Drupal I've been wanting to learn more about, so I'm pleased to have the opportunity to read this and gain insight into another part of Drupal's extensive API.

Copy the URLs in a selected text using Bellhop

I've been checking out Bellhop, a free tool that allows you to easily create Mac OS X system services in scripting languages (currently AppleScript, F-Script, Perl, Python, and Ruby), and I've created a simple service in Perl that will copy all the absolute URLs from a selected piece of text to the clipboard.

DrupalCamp PDX 2008

I attended DrupalCamp PDX 2008 yesterday at the Portland State Business Accelerator. With nearly one hundred attendees, it was evidence of Drupal's accelerating popularity. Here are the two photos I took during the CCK session (photos from other attendees are available here):

Drupal CCK talk Drupal CCK talk

My notes from the event are below.