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[World Pulse] The Great Possibility of China

[World Pulse] The Great Possibility of China

The Great Possibility of China

On the cusp of the Olympics, powerful women leaders are reshaping China's future.

New China Rising: A letter from the founder

"Listening to their voices I see now a complex, honest, and dynamic picture that reveals where the untapped levers for change in China lie—a picture where hope and courage grows and blossoms."
— Jensine Larsen, World Pulse Founder

Holding Up Half the Sky: Women leaders speak on China

Days before the Olympics, World Pulse caught up with women leaders and China experts to discuss China's greatest challenges—and her greatest strengths—at this critical time in China's history.

"I would like to be a bridge between China and the outside world..."
—Lichun Tian, HIV/AIDS Expert, Researcher

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