Which Online Quiz Are You?

If you were a plant, you would be...
a cactus.
an Oak tree.
a grape vine.
swamp thing.

Your favorite late-night talk show host is...
Jay Leno
David Letterman
Conan O'Brien
Craig Kilborn
Carson Daly

If you found a wallet on the sidewalk, you would...
try every method possible to return it to its owner.
take the cash, then return it anonymously.
take the cash, use the credit cards, then throw the wallet away.
take on the identity of the person to whom the wallet belongs.
take everything out of the wallet, put it in a different wallet, and return THAT one.

Mr.T is...
a fool.

When you encounter a link to an online quiz, you...
take it immediately, and post the result everywhere!
take it, and post the result if you agree with it.
take it only if it really looks interesting.
repeatedly take the test until you get the result you want.
ignore it.

Of the following quizzes, you would be most interested in taking...
Which motorized vehicle are you?
Which furry animal are you?
Which fungus are you?
Which bald actor are you?
Which psychological disorder are you?

Your favorite number from 1 through 5 is...