Markov Chain Example

The text below is generated by a Markov Chain-based model operating at the word level. The sample text used to generate the rules and probabilities is the first chapter of George Orwell's 1984. Markov chains can also be used at the individual letter level for some interesting effects.

There was at this moment, however, even if detected it down and gulped it had even the initial act of hymn to possess it one end of consciousness by an enormous face, with a part, but, on the meagreness of such moments his chair, his stomach. His heart was full of a bottle of a compromising possession. The worst thing as he believed in the while, lest one into the next he had committed--would still more Newspeak [Newspeak was exactly similar appearance of quiet optimism which circulated clandestinely here and begin the enemies of the uniform of Big Brother was one into the maddening bleating voice sank somewhat, though it one of Truth, his face suggested by gorilla-faced guards in sheer panic, only fleeting glimpses that she worked in her throat at night--the arrests and torn at all, but, on the caption said, while he was conscious of the face of these vistas of knowing whether it was. She was the helicopter hovering over the page, and then the street and sanity in Newspeak: Minitrue, Minipax, Miniluv, and all this, his theories were fresh dupes waiting to live. Winston roused himself for two minds had begun itching unbearably.

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