Website Redesign

I'm considering making some changes to this website in terms of its architecture and design. Primarily I'd like to incorporate a lifestream into it, since I'm more active elsewhere online than I am with my blog here. I'd also like to revamp the Projects section to have a more sensible navigation, as well as include more of my creative endeavors (tech-related and otherwise).

As far as the design goes, I really admire clean and friendly layouts such as the website of Reid Beels (see also the lifestream on his Profile page) and the clear, at-a-glance overview of activity displayed on Amber Case's personal website. I think I prefer an integrated stream rather than having activity shown separately, but a hybrid approach may be necessary since not all activity is as stream-like as Twitter.

Which personal websites do you find especially well-designed?

I'm undecided about whether to stick with Drupal for the CMS or give WordPress a try. With Drupal 7.0 on the horizon, BuddyPress available for WordPress, and alternatives like Elgg and TYPO3, there are some great options to explore.