The Prids Need Our Help!

Sunday night while driving to L.A. on tour, the van that Portland band The Prids were driving blew a tire, causing them to lose control of the vehicle and resulting in the van rolling several times. All six occupants (the four band members plus two of their significant others) were injured and taken to the ER, where they were treated for "multiple moderate to severe injuries". Thankfully they are all alive; as of today they have all been discharged and will soon be heading back to Portland.

Their van was totaled, their equipment might need to be replaced, and of course they will have some large medical bills to pay. They are accepting donations through the PayPal link on their website or via the donation jar at Food Fight! Vegan Grocery (1217 SE Stark St). Considering how many free shows they've played, it's the least we can do.

Updates are being post on their website and on MySpace, and there is additional information about the accident (including photos) at this IndyMedia post.