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Website Redesign

I'm considering making some changes to this website in terms of its architecture and design. Primarily I'd like to incorporate a lifestream into it, since I'm more active elsewhere online than I am with my blog here. I'd also like to revamp the Projects section to have a more sensible navigation, as well as include more of my creative endeavors (tech-related and otherwise).

As far as the design goes, I really admire clean and friendly layouts such as the website of Reid Beels (see also the lifestream on his Profile page) and the clear, at-a-glance overview of activity displayed on Amber Case's personal website. I think I prefer an integrated stream rather than having activity shown separately, but a hybrid approach may be necessary since not all activity is as stream-like as Twitter.

Which personal websites do you find especially well-designed?

I'm undecided about whether to stick with Drupal for the CMS or give WordPress a try. With Drupal 7.0 on the horizon, BuddyPress available for WordPress, and alternatives like Elgg and TYPO3, there are some great options to explore.

Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery

Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery by Matt Butcher I've just received a review copy from Packt Publishing of Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery by Matt Butcher. The book looks like it will present a solid overview of how JavaScript and jQuery are used in Drupal, along with how custom code can tie into it. This is an area of Drupal I've been wanting to learn more about, so I'm pleased to have the opportunity to read this and gain insight into another part of Drupal's extensive API.

Copy the URLs in a selected text using Bellhop

I've been checking out Bellhop, a free tool that allows you to easily create Mac OS X system services in scripting languages (currently AppleScript, F-Script, Perl, Python, and Ruby), and I've created a simple service in Perl that will copy all the absolute URLs from a selected piece of text to the clipboard.

June 2009 Portland Web Innovators Meeting Notes

Here are my notes from the June 2009 meeting of the Portland Web Innovators group, which was hosted at Nemo Design. This is mostly just a list of resources that were mentioned during the meeting along with some other related items that I think are worth checking out. The discussion was titled APIs: How Earth Shaking Could They Be and Why Haven't They Shaken The Earth Yet?; here's the original description:

"Join Marshall Kirkpatrick at the Portland Web Innovators June meeting. Marshall, lead blogger for ReadWriteWeb, will lead a discussion about the potential of web APIs and a critical look at why they may not have lived up to it yet."

Be sure to also check out July's event: Demolicious! - Portland Web Innovators - "Come see the great stuff your fellow Portlanders have been working on. There will be several ten minute demos of new products and side projects." It will be held on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 7:00pm at Jive Software, which is located at 915 SW Stark in downtown Portland.

WebVisions 2009 Recap

WebVisions 2009 logo I've posted a recap of the recent WebVisions conference over on my PulseWire journal.

Read it here.

[World Pulse] The Great Possibility of China

[World Pulse] The Great Possibility of China

The Great Possibility of China

On the cusp of the Olympics, powerful women leaders are reshaping China's future.

New China Rising: A letter from the founder

"Listening to their voices I see now a complex, honest, and dynamic picture that reveals where the untapped levers for change in China lie—a picture where hope and courage grows and blossoms."
— Jensine Larsen, World Pulse Founder

Holding Up Half the Sky: Women leaders speak on China

Days before the Olympics, World Pulse caught up with women leaders and China experts to discuss China's greatest challenges—and her greatest strengths—at this critical time in China's history.

"I would like to be a bridge between China and the outside world..."
—Lichun Tian, HIV/AIDS Expert, Researcher

Read the August 2008 edition of the World Pulse emagazine.

The Prids Need Our Help!

Sunday night while driving to L.A. on tour, the van that Portland band The Prids were driving blew a tire, causing them to lose control of the vehicle and resulting in the van rolling several times. All six occupants (the four band members plus two of their significant others) were injured and taken to the ER, where they were treated for "multiple moderate to severe injuries". Thankfully they are all alive; as of today they have all been discharged and will soon be heading back to Portland.

Their van was totaled, their equipment might need to be replaced, and of course they will have some large medical bills to pay. They are accepting donations through the PayPal link on their website or via the donation jar at Food Fight! Vegan Grocery (1217 SE Stark St). Considering how many free shows they've played, it's the least we can do.

Updates are being post on their website and on MySpace, and there is additional information about the accident (including photos) at this IndyMedia post.

Firefox 3 Download Day

Firefox 3 Firefox 3 Download Day is Tuesday, June 17, 2008. Help set the record for most software downloads in 24 hours by visiting the official Download Day website.

I haven't tried any of the beta or release candidate versions of Firefox 3, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it compares to Camino, which has been my main web browser for a few months. I've only been loading Firefox 2 when I need to use Firebug, YSlow, or the Web Developer extension. However, I'll often use Safari 3.1's Develop menu instead if I don't need the full capabilities of those Firefox extensions, since Safari loads much more quickly for me.

DrupalCamp PDX 2008

I attended DrupalCamp PDX 2008 yesterday at the Portland State Business Accelerator. With nearly one hundred attendees, it was evidence of Drupal's accelerating popularity. Here are the two photos I took during the CCK session (photos from other attendees are available here):

Drupal CCK talk Drupal CCK talk

My notes from the event are below.

Google for Non-Profits

Want to get your small nonprofit organization up and running online quickly and for less than $10 a year?